Python Advanced Spring/Summer 2017

Twitter #shefcodefirst

Pauline Narvas and Sophia Kessler

Food leftovers: find recipes

Camille Lee-Own and Zoe King

Spotify API used to create playlist

Vaiva Zokaite and Abigail White

Hangman game

Anjani Wirasinghe, Kim Koay and Lakshika Juneja

No Hate App

Esther Barlow-Smith and Megha Kalokhe


Hannah Sewell and Adonia Umeh

Plan bot (chat)

Rosie Polya, Harriet Orkney and Emma Curran

Flights finder

Hannah Scott and Eira Watts Moore


Michelle Nyamai and Shinade Walters

Twitter freeze/analysis

Nicola Brant, Robyn Ward and Yan Chen

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