Python Advanced Spring/Summer 2017

Found 10 projects

Twitter Freeze/Analysis

Nicola Brant, Robyn Ward, Yan Chen

Name Pending...

Michelle Nyamai, Shinade Walters

Hangman Game

Anjani Wirasinghe, Kim Koay, Lakshika Juneja

Twitter #shefcodefirst

Pauline Narvas, Sophia Kessler

Spotify API used to create playlist

Vaiva Zokaite, Abigail White

Flights Finder

Hannah Scott, Eira Watts Moore

Name Pending

Hannah Sewell, Adonia Umeh

Food leftovers: find recipes

Camille Lee-Own, Zoe King

No Hate App

Esther Barlow-Smith, Megha Kalokhe

Plan Bot (chat)

Rosie Polya, Harriet Orkney, Emma Curran

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