HTML Beginners Spring/Summer 2017

Found 12 projects

Winning entry:


Robin Best, Naomi Brear, Caitlin Wilkie

She Sees

Barbara Agwaziam, Tania Herrera

Dermo Depot

Elly Wheeler, Charlotte Brzezinski

Like Skin

Louise Taylor, Michael Greer

Travel China

Yunzhou Li, Jannah Shaffie

Go Girl

Jen Whitfield, Sovra Whitcroft, Isabella Talbot

London's Gourmet Guru

Dilshi Abeywardena

She Eats

Jennifer Yashi, Wiam Sa'ad

Bubble Bright

Becky Arnold

ABC Health

Beth King, Carmen Apostol, Alice Boldison

Jungle Bungle

Madawi Alahmad, Melanie Brien

Travelling Monkeys

Jie Xin Tan, Judit Meszaros, Claire Shroff

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