HTML Beginners Autumn/Winter 2017

Found 11 projects

Winning entry:


Naomi Bailey, Kat Koler, Holly Gregory

Jingle Bells

Enoch Chan, Sophie Wade, Kathryn Cammish


Caroline Wood


Hazel Duffell, Cindy Ventura, Aisha Mariam

Women in STEM

Charlotte Brooker, Lydia Wright, Sanchari Das

Singaporean Food For Thought

Joelle Cheong, Nur Ardilah Kamaruzzaman

The Web Sisters

Isabelle Webber, Anny Huang, Giola Iacopini

PhD (Pour Him/Her a Drink)

Naomi Cox, Tamara Satmarean

Pint Finder

Nicole Webster, Hsin-Tzu Yang, Eleanor Phillips

Million Dollar Babes

Ameera Siron, Uswah Ayyaz, Olivia Espinosa Trujillo

The Espressos

Maria Sophia Felgueiras, Maria Jose Lozano Cruz

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